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‘Hallelujah’ Parody for Stay At Home Moms

Shannon Christensen Abbott sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in her town’s talent show, but changed the lyrics to an ode to stay at home moms (SAHM). She created a video to share on her Facebook page for friends and family who could not attend the talent show. The video has gone viral with over 12 million views.

As a SAHM, I can relate to the Abbot’s lyrics. “It’s 3 a.m. and you’re wide awake. Baby, go to sleep for heaven’s sake. Mama’s gonna be a zombie in the morning. Yet Daddy’s asleep without a care. How does he do that? It isn’t fair!” The past 2 weeks I have been dealing with this exact issue with my baby. Briella has been waking up and taking 30 minutes – over an hour to get back to sleep. Then she has been waking multiple times a night. I have been zombie like and now fighting a cold to boot.

With all four of our girls, somehow my husband never heard the girls’ nighttime cries. I recall one day when my oldest Jessica was a baby she fell asleep on the couch next to my husband. My husband suddenly falls asleep while I am taking a shower. I come down to a screaming baby and a sleeping husband. I still cannot understand how he did not hear her screaming right next to him. However, here is a man who literally slept through a hurricane with wild winds just outside the window as I was awake worried hearing the howling wind. Can anyone relate to husbands who cannot hear your babies/children?

Shannon did an awesome job with creating new lyrics. She has an amazing voice. Sit back and enjoy it because I am sure it will put a smile on your face.