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Philippians 4:6-7


We must learn to experience the peace of God in the trials. The peace that God offers us is for living for His Kingdom. This is not always so simple and easy to do when faced with trials. There are so many situations/things people become anxious about: finding a new job, starting a new job, making enough money to support your family, meeting new people, being around crowds, health, future of your children, driving a car, sending your children to school, etc.

Is your anxiety lack of faith in God? Are you living for Christ’s Kingdom or yourself? These are important questions to consider when you are anxious about something.

At times, are eyes may not be looking up to the Lord. It is during this time, that I may become anxious. When I take a deep breadth or step back, I can remember that God has carried me through other trials. He wants me to fully lean in on Him. He will bring me through whatever I am anxious about. I must remember to pray thanking God for the concern and being there to get me through it to the other side. Sometimes this process takes longer than other times for me if I am being honest. It is not a normal response from me to automatically thank God for my trials and to lean on Him right away. As always, I am a work in progress.

Recently I went to another church to speak for a few minutes about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). This was something that I felt The Holy Spirit had nudged me to do. I had contacted a few churches but this particular one was the only one that allowed me to come speak. I am sure I was at this particular church this particular Sunday for a reason. I do believe God is purposeful. I was extremely anxious about it. I was still not feeling 100% healthy at the time. My nerves got the best of me and I ended up in the bathroom several times. On my drive there, I began to pray to God saying I know you called me to do this. You will get me through this and it will be fine. Once I placed it in God’s hands, and believed he had this, then a peace came over me. When I went up to the podium, I spoke calmly and clearly. Several people commented on how well I spoke. It was not me, it was God because truth be told I really do not enjoy public speaking. When called to do it, I obey. Now next time I feel anxiety sneaking in about anything, I must recall this situation where God came through and I will not be anxious anymore.

God is Faithful


In April 2006, I was pregnant with my first child. While visiting friends in Florida, I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. It was one of the most difficult times for me. Every April, I am still reminded of that rainbow child. My heart ache was so much to bear that I begged my husband to buy a puppy for me to love on. Eventually he agreed and we brought home our puppy Chance. He gave me much joy. As I continued to pray for a baby, I became pregnant just 2 short months after my miscarriage.

At this time, I was working full time as a special education teacher and going to school to get my Masters in Special Education. My husband was remodeling our new house that was 1 ½ hours away from our current home. During the week we just talked on the phone. On the weekends, I would pack up our 2 dogs and visit him at the new house. God helped us get through the separation we had to deal with.

God heard my prayer to be able to do my thesis presentation before my daughter was born. Everyone there felt sorry for me and allowed me to go first and then I was allowed to return home. I must have looked so pathetic waddling in. In fact, I made my presentation and the very next day I had my daughter. Thankfully the house was ready and we were already moved in. A prime example of God’s perfect timing.

I was extremely nervous about losing the baby throughout the whole pregnancy but God blessed me with my healthy now 8 year old Jessica. When Jessica was 2 months old, I had to return to work as a teacher. It was horrible for me because I longed to be home with her. At the time, I was driving 1 1/2 hours each way to work. I was pumping 2-3 times. Overall it was not really working well for any of us. I kept praying, begging God to help this circumstance. Again 2 months later, on my drive to work, I was sitting at a red light, when a tow truck rear ended me. I did not see it coming and ended up with extremely bad whip lash. My neck and back hurt for months. I went to therapy. I continued to pray to God. A settlement was made out of court which helped defray the cost of our health insurance. One day, I discovered an important number to a man that changed everything. God had led me to that person who became an important supplier to us. I was able to quit my teaching job, stay home with my daughter, and help my husband with our growing business.

Moving forward each time I became pregnant the same fears reappear. Fears that I would miscarry, fears that I would not become pregnant again, fears that I was not a good enough mother etc.  Although it took longer each time, 4 months of trying to become pregnant with Deanna, 6 months before becoming pregnant with Samantha and 8 months of trying before conceiving Briella, God was faithful each time.  I have been blessed with 3 additional healthy, daughters.

Kindness from Strangers

Today I ventured out to do what Mom’s with littles dread – grocery shopping.  I had been dreading it so much that I had been putting it off.  I decide to go to a different Giant Store than the one I frequent.  I am already feeling a little anxious hoping I can find items and praying they have an Organic Aisle/ Nature’s Promise aisle.  Not all of the stores have them.  There are quite a few items I need from these specific aisles that will put a smile on my girls faces.  Luckily it had those aisles just not as many products as I am used to.

Here I am pushing the baby in her car seat that is attached to the stroller.  At the same time I am pulling Samantha in a full sized grocery cart.  I feel like I am a big train swerving through the aisles.  I want to rush my grocery shopping.  The quicker I go the less times we are in the bathroom, and perhaps I can get it done before Briella wakes up.  Something inside me says do not rush just take your time.  I get so many looks.   Not bad looks rather sympathetic looks.  Many shoppers move so that I can maneuver my train.  I am so grateful to those that showed me kindness by just making it a little easier on me.  They have no idea how there acts of kindness touched my heart.

As I stand in the checkout, I notice an elderly woman.  She looks rushed and confused.  She has a gallon of milk in her metal pull shopping cart along with a jacket, umbrella, and her purse. I offer her to go in front of me.  Really is one person with one item going to make me late nope.  She is very grateful and explains that she is afraid she was going to miss the bus.  I want to thank her because seeing her so rushed hits me like a ton of bricks.  God is telling you slow down , enjoy the roses, and take my time. Though I helped that stranger, I received so much more.

Here is where I really push my luck with the shopping, I decide to venture to Wegman’s next.  Again, I am surrounded by the most courteous, amazing shoppers.  They are making a path for me so I can get through easier.  I see I am not the only Mom with littles.  I see a Mom with two boys in a car cart and she is carrying a baby in a carrier.  I wanted to go high five her.  I wish I had just to say you are doing awesome Momma and I am with you.  Another Mom is pushing two littles in a cart.  I begin to relax and just enjoy the people I am surrounded by.  I am cheerful and have a nice conversation with the cashier about her grandchildren.  I make sure to tell her to have a blessed day.  In the parking lot, a worker asks if I need help.  I change and feed the baby in the car and home we go.  On my drive home, I reflect on the pleasant faces I had seen and the amazing shopping experiences I had.  Perhaps next time I am going grocery shopping I will be cheerful and have a smile on my face as I reflect on today.  God is near me always and sends his helpers!

Thank you

Thank you God for putting certain people in my children’s lives.  Thank you for great Moms raising great girls.  Deanna came home with a big smile on her face.  She could not wait to show me the note that Leah had made for her.  Leah is the sweet first grader that sits with my kindergartner Deanna on the bus.  Leah gave her a note that said, “You are my best friends.”  This simple act of kindness made such a difference in my daughter’s day.  My heart jumped for joy.  Leah I will find you at church Sunday and give you a big hug and maybe your Mom too.  Thanks for being you!  Yes God places friends in our children’s lives when they need them the most.  Now my 3rd grader Jessica is off the hook.  I will no longer plea with her to sit with her little sister on the bus. Yes I am that Mom.  I know Deanna will be happy and no longer anxious about the bus ride.   God is so good!