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Misconceptions about what I eat as a Vegan

vegan food pyramid 2

There seems to be some misconception about what I eat as a Vegan.  Some people believe I just eat Raw.  Currently for me, this is not the case.  I enjoy cooked food very much.  I especially crave mashed potatoes sometimes.  Yes, I can still eat them by substituting a vegan butter and plant based milk of my choice.  The Irish in me, loves potatoes!  I eat lots of vegetables and yes I enjoy salads.  However, salads are not the only thing I eat. My favorite vegetable is broccoli and I love it steamed in my Instant Pot.   Fruit smoothies are a favorite drink of mine during the warmer months.  My drink of choice is water.  I try to drink at least 8 glasses a day.  I eat various nuts, grains, and seeds.  Almonds are my favorite nut at the moment.  I love sunflower seeds in my salads.  Chia seeds I use often in my smoothies.  Being 1/4 Italian, I eat pasta.  I need to eat it once a week or I do not feel right.  Brown rice and steamed vegetables with an Asian sauce is a staple.  I love hummus and my favorite one is Wegmans Red Pepper Hummus.  I use it to make quesadillas, paninis, and wraps.  Vegetable patties homemade or store bought, spinach lasagna, lentil tacos, tempeh sloppy joes, coconut “bacon”, can be found on my plate.  Bagels, french toast, Belgium waffles, pancakes, and Vegan Eggs by Follow My Heart are eaten for breakfast.  Sometimes, I will use Veganaise to make a tomato and lettuce sandwich on toast store bought or made in my bread machine.  Sometimes, I will eat a pizza loaded with veggies.  Of course, I eat fruit too, but I am more of a vegetable kind of girl.  Watermelon, green apples, and strawberries being my favorite fruits.  Brownies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and ice cream are enjoyed by my family.  Barbecue chips though not a good choice is my weakness.These are some of the items that I enjoy eating.

Poor Roxy and Other Dogs

roxy 2

I am so saddened by the neglect I see in regard to dogs on the internet. This morning I read an article about a woman who moved in with her Mom after knee surgery and left her dog, Roxy in the kitchen of her home to die slowly over a 6 day period. This sickens my stomach. No animal deserves to be treated like this. I cry for animals whose owners disregard their safety. I feel bad for dogs that are left in cages outside too. I can never understand why the person did not ask for help. There are plenty of pet lovers that would have babysat or stopped by to care for the Boxer. Do not look at the pictures, it will haunt you.

Boxers are a breed that I always admired and thought about adopting. We have only had experience with Labs. Perhaps in the future if we decide to adopt a dog, we will choose a Boxer in remembrance of Roxy who is in Heaven.

Between stories like that and pictures of dogs being skinned in other countries, I am just disturbed. I look at my two dogs and think how can anyone hurt a dog? Look I know not everyone likes or wants to own a pet. I get that but to hurt an animal that loves you unconditionally and relies on you, just wow. I will pray for these poor animals and for the people that do harm to these wonderful creatures.

Vegan Egg by Follow My Heart

vegan egg

vegan egg back

I finally bought the Vegan Egg by Follow my Heart on Amazon.  When I first heard about it, I was intrigued.  It comes in a powder state.  You need to pack 2 tablespoons tight and place into a bowl.   Then add 1/2 cup cold water and mix.  This equals 1 egg.

The girls were asking for french toast.  I did not leave the bread out to harden overnight so I placed the pieces into the toaster.  In a bowl, I prepared 2 vegan eggs.  I added 1 cup almond milk and cinnamon.  I whisked it together, dipped the bread in, and placed them onto my griddle.  The french toast was delicious.  Sorry it was so good that we ate it before I could snap a picture.

Next, we will attempt to make an omelet with the vegan egg and vegan cheese.

Beauty Without Cruelty

beauty without crueltynailk polishbeauty-without-cruelty-volume-plus-shampoo-16-fl-oz

In 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients. The driving force behind the project was Katherine Long, a dedicated, life-long animal welfare activist, a cosmetician, and a vegetarian. Together with Noel Gabriel, Katherine developed the first, full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics.It was brought to the US in 1989.

I have used several of Beauty Without Cruelty’s products.  I am not a person who wears makeup often.  In all honesty, I am a plain Jane.  When I wear makeup, it usually is mascara, maybe eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.  When I feel like using it, I enjoy a good lipstick.  I have fallen in love with the Beauty Without Cruelty line.  I love their Silver Rose lipstick pictured above.

When I make time, to do my nails, I like to use the Reckless Ruby.  I top it off with their clear.  The nail polish lasts as long as any of the other vegan company’s  nail polish I use.

I have used the Beauty Without Cruelty Volume Plus Shampoo and Conditioner.  Though I use these, there are other shampoos I use too.  Currently, I am on a mission to find a Vegan shampoo and conditioner that I love.


How My Journey As a Vegan Began/Why I am a Vegan

In September 2010, I lost my dog, Chance who was only four at the time. Although doctor’s believed that he had suffered 2 strokes, we do not know if that is the reason he passed away. We were so traumatized by his death. I am still not 100% over his death. He knew me better than most people know me. There are times when I still find myself looking at the couch next to me for him. He would be right next to me and cuddle up cheering me up always. At the time, we were feeding Jake and him cheap dog food. I will not comment on what kind. After doing much research, I concluded that could have played a part in his death. Then it got me thinking about my food choices.

At this time, I was attending Glad Tidings Church and a couple from Hallelujah Acres was coming to talk about being Vegan following the Hallelujah Diet. They travel around presenting for 3 nights about Veganism and how it ties into religion. I was intrigued by this and wanted to attend. I convinced my Mom to come with me. For months prior, I had been contemplating becoming a vegetarian. I knew several vegetarian families in the area and two Vegan families.

Mom and I attended that event. Each night they had samples for people to try. In the audience were many people who shared stories how changing to a Vegan diet had helped cure their illnesses: diabetes, cancer – many kinds and stories, depression, migraines etc. I heard a lot of information that I had never heard before. The one thing that stuck with me was that our intestines are windy and twisted making it hard for meat to pass through.    However in canines, their intestines are straighter making it easy for the meat to pass through/digest. Also, they stressed how in the beginning we were to name the animals and live peacefully with them eating plants in the garden.

The day after that 3 day event, I plunged into Vegan eating and did not look back. I quit meat and dairy cold turkey. I remember shopping at Giant and grabbing one of the employees for help with my shopping list. There were things on there that I had never heard of or cooked with. In the beginning I struggled some because I had not really learned all I needed to know. It might have been easier if I made a gradual change.  It was learn as I go. My biggest mistake was being so passionate about Veganism and sharing too much information with others such as my husband, which turned him off. He was resistant about my new change and thought it was a phase. What he thought was a phase, has lasted 5 years (during which I had 2 pregnancies). A Vegan diet evolved into a Vegan lifestyle for me.

I became a Vegan for religious, health, and ethical reasons. In the beginning, God gave Adam and Eve the animals to name. They lived in harmony with them. Adam and Eve were given the garden plants to eat. This is what God intended for us. I believe in eating plant-based food. I believe that if I allow another animal to die so that I can eat, then I am sinning.

I believe eating plant-based for me is how I can be my healthiest self. Overall, I am healthier than when I ate the S.A.D. (standard American diet). My bloodwork and levels support this. There are many studies linking dairy and meat to various diseases. I hope that having eaten 5 years plant-based will help reverse any ill effects that 32 years of eating meat and dairy had on me.

Last and most important to me is ethical reasons. I love animals. I am compassionate about animals. I am ashamed that I lived 32 years of my life being desensitized by the cruelties of the meat and dairy industry. I had not really tried to make the connection of how my meat had gotten onto my plate in the past. I do not like the lies that government, meat, and dairy industry, tell us and we are made to believe them. Lies seen on commercials and food pyramids taught to us as children. I have read many articles, and watched many documentaries about how these poor animals are treated. A dairy cow is basically raped (artificial insemination) to breed a calf so she will make milk for humans. A calf is ripped away from its Mom within hours of being birthed. The Momma cow is fed hormones and antibiotics standing on her feet for hours on concrete to produce an average 8 gallons per day of milk. These cows are intensely confined and spend most of their lives hooked up to a machine. After 5 years of being impregnated over and over, they are considered spent and undergo cruel slaughter for human consumption. When a Momma cow delivers a male cow, they are sent to become veal or sent to grow to 1,200 pounds to be slaughtered at the age of 6 months. Often these male cows undergo mutilation including dehorning, castration, and branding. Cows in a normal habitat can live to be 15+. Chickens, turkeys, pigs, lamb, fish, etc. do not have a happy life either.

Please know that if you choose to consume meat and dairy, I do not judge you. I will respect your choices as you should respect mine. I am friends with omnivores and vegetarians. Please understand that for me, it is difficult walking in the grocery store passed the meat/seafood department. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hear you talk about eating meat or cooking meat. I do not intend for my being a Vegan to make you uncomfortable.  I try not to make others uncomfortable and am careful what subjects I discuss with who.  I will continue to have the hope that others will lessen their meat and dairy consumption and save some animals and help our planet.