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Thank You to my Vegan Online Pals


I wanted to say thanks to my online community of Vegans that I have been meeting.  Some of you are now on my personal Facebook page.  These individuals are from all parts of the US and world.  It give me comfort to be a part of the certain groups, and pages on Facebook.  It gives me comfort to hear your stories.  What you are cooking for your family, and what challenges you are facing.  Some people in the groups are just beginning their Vegan lifestyle.  I enjoy everyone’s stories.  If you are looking for support here are some groups to go Vegan Family Meal Planning, Vegan Moms, Raising Little Vegans, Vegan Moms and Dads, How Vegan Children Thrive, Plant-Powered Families, Vegans with Non Vegan Partners, and Instant Pot Users Group- G-Bombs the nuts and bolts of Eating to Live (Dr. Fuhrman’s Current Health Recommendations – be sure to read the description.) Do not be afraid to reach out to those in the group. We are here to support each other.   Peace and much love to you all!

Presto Griddle


As you can see, this griddle has been used a lot.  I will hold onto this for a long time and most likely pass it on to one of my girls.  Several years ago, this was a gift from my Grandma Wilma, who has since passed on.  I was so excited to receive this gift since I hadn’t owned one at the time.  Now when I use it, I always think of her and her quirky personality.

What do I cook on this? I cook Vegan grilled cheese and pancakes of course.  You can refer back to March 5th’s post for a pancake recipe.

Bella Panini Grill


I have had this for a long time.  Paninis might be one of my all time favorite lunches.  I love this appliance so much that I have 2 of them.  This saves some time when making multiple paninis when people are here.

Panini Recipe

Butter both slices of ciabatta bread
Add hummus to one side
Add cooked broccoli with balsamic vinegar in the panini
Close lid and let cook.
Add balsamic vinegar in small bowl for dipping.

Elite Gourmet Skillet & Easy Potatoes


Growing up, my Mom owned a yellow skillet.  I remember her using it to make potato pancakes.  It was one of my favorites.

My family loves potatoes.  Often, I cut up potatoes and place them in the skillet with some oil and cook away.  I like to add garlic and onions to it too. I have to keep them to one side though, because Deanna will not eat the garlic or onions.

I have used the skillet to make potato pancakes too!

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor & Banana Nice Cream Recipe

Breville Sous Cheff food processor

I have always been amazed at the power of a food processor.  It completes tasks so much quicker than I can.  One of the hardest jobs is dicing garlic.  I let the food processor do this.  I have used the food processor to: chop onions, cut potatoes into fries, mix ingredients for a cake, and shred carrots perfectly for a salad.  The possibilities are endless!


Banana Nice Cream:
o You need frozen bananas for this recipe.
o Before you freeze the bananas, take the skin off.
o Place several frozen bananas in the food processor and mix.
o Optional (peanut butter, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries etc.)


Cuisinart Automatic Bread Machine & Pizza Dough Recipe

Cruisinart bread machine (1)

I remember as a child, my Mom had a bread machine.  I was always amazed how awesome bread tasted from a bread machine.  It took me many years before I broke down and bought one for myself.  I am so glad that I did.

This dough recipe I use to make pizza and we use it to make cinnamon rolls.

Pizza Dough
o 1 cup war, water, room temperature
o ¾ tsp sugar
o 1 ½ tsp salt
o 1 ½ Tbsp Olive Oil
o 3 1/3 cup bread flour (can substitute white or wheat flour)
o 1 ¾ tsp yeast, active or dry, instant, or bread machine

o Place ingredients in order listed into bread machine pan
o Make sure the kneading paddle is fitted
o Press menu to select dough function
o Press start to mix, kneed, and rise



Blendtec & Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe


When we saw the commercials for the Blendtec, my husband was amazed by it.  We decided to purchase it to make smoothies.  It worked very well.  Now we use our Ninja for smoothie making.  Personally, I use the blendtec mostly to make homemade baby food.  It is a good tool to make soups with.  Lastly, my favorite thing to do when I make the time is to make dressings in it.

Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing (p 196 Blendtec Lifestyles Recipe Book)
o ½ cup olive oil
o ½ cup apple cider vinegar
o 1 tsp black pepper
o 1 tsp salt
o 1 Tbsp sugar
o 1 tsp ground oregano
o 3 Tbsp red raspberry preserves
Directions: Place ingredients into blender jar and secure lid. Press the Dressing button.





Tribest Grinder & Egg Substitute Recipe


I bought this Tribest Grinder many years ago.  It was one of the first items I purchased as I began my Vegan journey.  I use the grinder when I want to quickly grind chia seeds or flax seed to use in a baked good.

Egg Substitute:
o Add 3 tablespoons of ground flax or chia seed to a bowl
o Add 3 tablespoons of water
o Mix
o Place in refrigerator for 15 minutes
o Use in recipe to replace egg


Ninja & Smoothie Recipe


We love our Ninja Blender.  I love making smoothies for my girls.  The smallest cup is a perfect amount for my 3 year old.  It is so easy to use even my 8 year old makes smoothies herself.

Smoothie Recipe:
o 5-7 frozen strawberries
o 1 cup apple juice
o 1 tablespoon of chia seeds or flax seed
o ½ cup almond milk (optional)
o Place in Ninja and mix





Instant Pot


I am so thankful that I discovered the Instant Pot.  I believe I was introduced to it by Bobby Anderson the Plant-Fueled Trucker on Facebook.  I saw a news story in my feed about him.  Shortly afterwards, I started to follow him on Facebook.  Overall, he is a lovely person.  He started sharing his meals on his page.  He told people about the Instant Pot.  I cannot say enough good things about my Instant Pot.  I will let you in on a secret, I loved mine so much that on Cyber Monday when a super good deal came up, I bought a second one.  I can place rice in one and it is done it 24 minutes of cooking.  The other one I place my frozen vegetables and it can be done in 10 minutes or less of cooking time depending on how soft you want your vegetables.  It does take 10 minutes or so for the Instant Pot to get to the correct pressure to start cooking.  It is easy cleanup too.