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Wet Brush

wet brush

Wet Brush where have you been all my life?  Recently, my hairdresser shared this with me.  Oh how it has made a world of difference after baths/showers for my girls.  Deanna has long, straight hair that tangles easily.  Prior to the discovery of this brush, we had many nights of crying and screaming as I carefully brushed her hair.  Now, the crying has ceased and she allows me to brush her hair without a problem.  We loved this brush so much that we had bought 6 of these.  A few weeks later, I told my Mom about the brush and sent two to her; one for her and one for my 4 year old niece.

When Teething Takes Over

Several days this week were rough for my baby Briella.  Several nights were tough too.  Wednesday was especially difficult.  No matter what I did or how many times I tried to put her down, she would not sleep.  It was to the point that she was crying on and off so much and loud that my oldest daughter, Jessica could not sleep.  So about 2:30 AM I took Briella in my van for a ride.  Even after a 20 minute ride she did not fall asleep. We struggled until around 4 AM.  My husband was up to keep me company for part of this which is unusual.  On Thursday, he must have felt bad because he got the 3 girls ready for school and I slept in.  When a baby has an off day, it is hard to get them back on a schedule.  Last night Briella fell asleep at 6:30 PM and then woke up several times throughout the night.  I was so tired I fell asleep holding her at some point.  I am praying we can get back on track today.  I feel so bad for her.  She has a runny nose too and coughing.  I am unsure if it is a cold or all related to teething.  My gut is saying all teeth related.

IKEA paper/letter organizer (Wall Magazine Rack)


Why did I wait over three years to buy this gem? I am not sure but I am so glad that I did.  I have just freed up counter space.  Plus now we are more organized.  All the girls have their own section with their special papers for school.  I will no longer be looking through papers to find the explanation for the next book report or assignment.  I can get it in my hands within seconds without making a paper mess.  Score!  There are several ones on the market.  I bought mine from IKEA via the web.  If you know me, I am all about shopping via the web.  It is how I do all my birthday and Christmas shopping.  I am a big Amazon shopper and Kohls shopper too.  I am an Amazon subscribe and save junky.  Yes, I get my toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, and wipes sent directly to my door.  Who has room in their cart for all these big items not this girl with my children in tow.  Here is the the link is for the  Wall Magazine Rack.

Holy Snow


Well I cannot complain since today is the first real snow of the winter.  Here in Pennsylvania, it is still snowing like crazy.  Unfortunately, the hubs forgot to get gas for the snow blower. Off he went onto the rough roads.  Thanking God he has a truck with a plow and made it back safely.

The 3 girls went out to play.  I wondered how long they would last.  The 3 year old made it for only 5 minutes.  It took longer to get her dressed. 🙂  The other two are still going strong.  I predict they will want some hot chocolate when they get in.

I thank God for a warm house today.  I thank God for being able to afford pellets for the pellet stove and propane for heat.  I thank God for warm clothes on this frigid day.  Lord please keep those on the street and those less fortunate warm today!  Have a blessed day everyone!

When You Need to Breathe

Sometimes things just get overwhelming.  There are times when several people and items are calling your attention.  Today I was dealing with a crying baby who was tired and needed to be nursed to sleep.  Simultaneously, my husband calls me to write out a check as I am trying to get the baby asleep.  Within a minute, the dog pukes and husband tells me as he rushes out the door.  Two minutes later, my 3 year old comes in to tell me the dog puked.  On my computer screen I had posts I was working on for scheduling a Clean Green Essential Oils Class on Facebook.  My laundry is sitting in the laundry room waiting to be folded.  I just remembered that I need to pay the credit card off.  I needed to send a quick email to my supplier to see when they are starting my samples for my product.  Then I remembered I had to send an email to my oldest daughter’s teacher because a boy was cursing in class yesterday when the substitute was in.  Did I mention that I had not even started lunch and it was lunchtime already.  I am just grateful that I took the time to read a passage from the Bible this morning.  I had so many things going on today, that I had to take a pause and a deep breathe.  I had to prioritize everything and finish through all my tasks at hand.  I will not stress if the laundry sits one more day! I am off to run to the bank, pay the credit card bill, and play with my 3 year old.  Have a blessed day everyone!


Morning Snuggles

My now 6 year old, Deanna, loves morning snuggles.  I think she looks forward to them so much.  Two days this week, Deanna woke up early to use the bathroom and climbed into bed with me.  This morning, her younger sister had already climbed into my bed late last night.  I had already awoke and gotten dressed.  Deanna looked upset and disappointed.  With some persuasion, I got her to climb back into my bed.  I sent my 3 year old to make sure the 8 year old was up.  Deanna and I enjoyed about 10 minutes of morning snuggles without her sisters interrupting.  I am hoping that this special time will keep her happy for her day at school.  Kindergarten is hard to adjust back to after a holiday break.  I see her struggling some with this.  Now, I am thinking that after school I should take some time for afternoon snuggles after her long day.  Tonight, I will pass the baby to my husband so that I can do snuggles in her bed at bedtime.  There really is nothing like uninterrupted snuggles.  If this is what my child needs, I am for it.  I need to do what I can to make her feel special and loved being one of 4 children.

Choosing Happiness


We all have our ups and downs.  There are times when our day looks like a roller coaster with ups, downs, turns, and twists.  There are times that we might be feeling like we are stuck upside down like on a loop on a roller coaster.  Despite all this, perspective is so important and making choices.  Will you choose to only focus on a small part of your day or on the day as a whole?  Will you only focus on the negatives or see the positives?  In reality regardless of what is happening in your life, there is always at least 1 positive thing of the day.  I would guess that if you look hard enough, you would see many more positives.  If you ate breakfast, have food, clothing, a warm house, a car that works, a job, then you are doing better that a huge population of the world.  Just think about that.  It was 7°F here in Pennsylvania this morning.  I quickly filled up our pellet stove to keep our home nice and warm.  I started my van this morning so the frost would be gone and my husband along with two of our girls would be warm as they waited at the end of our driveway for the bus.  On very cold days like these, my mind immediately goes to those that are not as fortunate and are living on the street or in packed, homeless shelters.  Immediately, I look up and thank God for my warm, cozy house and warm car etc.  I try to appreciate what I have around me.  Today choose to be happy with me!

My Themes for 2016


I am choosing to skip the whole New Year’s Resolution.  Why you ask?  For me I never follow through with it.  For this year, I am focusing on themes and sub themes for the year. I will have an easier time sticking to these and not quit on them.  Some of my themes are God time, friendships, family time, me time, be healthier, bring in an income, and become a better billiard player.  If I do not commit to having to do all of these every day, then I have a better chance of actually doing them.  If I made a New Year’s Resolution to exercise every day for an hour, and did great for two weeks then slacked off, then I would probably say I blew it and quit.  This year my theme is to be healthier than in 2015. So I may ditch certain foods and be more active.  I will not put any time restraints on this. I want to succeed at my themes this year.  I will make more time for God this year than I did last year.  I will focus more on finding things to do with my family and using my time wisely.  I guess I have become a little bit of a homebody.  I will give myself some more me time. I will put more effort into my friendships and foster some new ones.  If I am being honest, friendships have always been a tough one for me.  I think I get so wrapped up in my family, I forget to reach out to my friends.   I will invite more people over to my house and I will visit more people at their homes this year.  As far as bringing in an income, I will not be stressing myself out about this.   I am working on private labeling some products that I will be selling on Amazon so we will see how it goes.  If I start really sharing and talking about the essential oils I love, it can lead to some income too.  I must practice more billiards. My husband and I finally purchased a pool table.  He did not need much practice to get back to being really good. I on the other hand, have a long way to go.  We played about 20 games already and I only won once by default – he accidentally put the 8 ball in.  Realistically it is not really fun to lose every game.  I may need to practice during the day while he is working.  What themes would you like to focus on for 2016?

Noticing the Goodness Jar


So during 2015, I started to write down the good things happening around me.  I began to really focus on noticing the goodness.  My oldest daughter had written and placed some things into our jar to0.  Now today, New Year’s Eve, we will open the jar and read all the wonderful things from 2015!  Some of those slips of paper say, “my husband did the dishes without me asking,” “my daughter did something nice for her sister”, “the sunrise was gorgeous today or the sky”, etc.  I would encourage you all to start your own noticing the goodness jar.  If you are having a not so great day, it would be great to crack open that jar and read some of the good/great things going on in your life!  Have a very blessed, and safe New Year’s Eve everyone!

Encouragement from a fellow Mom

On this past Sunday, our church had service and then a Christmas play afterwards.  My girls have been driving me crazy about the play.  They were so indecisive if they wanted to participate in it.  One minute yes they want to be in it, the next no.  During Sunday school for a few weeks, they were practicing songs.  They had several practices during the weeks before the show.  Whenever these practices came on a Friday night or Saturday morning, I struggled to get my girls to want to go.  They were too tired etc.  They did not go to any practices.  The day before the play, I had one child wanting to be in it and another not.  They were driving me absolutely bonkers!  Then I had a husband that was clueless about the whole process.  On that Sunday, they decided last minute that they wanted to participate in it.  After the service and a quick snack, I hustled 3 girls into the bathroom to get them changed into their clothes.  I was feeling like a failure since my children did not practice like everyone else and I literally threw the baby into a friend’s hands so I could get the others ready.  We barely got them done in time to get on the stage.  Jennifer must have seen my despair on my face as I said,” I am feeling like I am goofing up every day!”  Her reply, “You are doing great Momma!  I always feel like I am goofing up daily too!”  Jennifer you have no idea how much that meant to me in that particular moment.  Thank you my friend.  I guess as Moms we are hard on ourselves and put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right.  All we can do is do our best and put one foot in front of the other.