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Sharing what would you do?

We want our children to be kind, compassionate, and help others.  Sharing of toys is an interesting topic. I know I grew up hearing that I should “share my toys” with others.  At times, that may have been with my younger brother, friends, or cousins.  I am sure sometimes I just did not want to share.

I take a different stance with this.  I try not to make my children share their stuff.  Each of my 4 girls have special items or toys that are just theirs.  I allow my children to decide what toys they will share with others.  If there are toys that my children choose not to have out when company is at our house, I am totally fine with that.  My daughters should have control of their things in my opinion.  We as adults, have many things that are ours and we do not share with our adult friends.

Our family has house rules about toys and sharing.  If a toy is left in the open and no one is holding it, then it is fair game.  If someone is playing with a toy, we do not take it off of them.  Once the desired toy is placed on the floor and no one is holding it, then we can pick it up.  This way a child can play with a specific toy as long as their little heart desires.  I do not believe in having a child play with a toy for a certain time frame.  However, an exception to this rule is video games.  If my girls are playing a video game that is 1 player, we have to put a time limit so everyone gets a chance to play.  Even with these rules sometimes there are still hiccups.  Hey that toy you were not interested in suddenly became more desirable when your sister started playing with it.

Sometimes, you may visit a house where the “sharing rules” are different.  This can be difficult for your child and may lead to awkwardness among the adults.  For instance, we were visiting a house where a child kept accusing one of my children of not sharing.  I observed several times when my child was playing with a toy, the child wanting that toy right away.  I was proud of my 4 year old standing up for herself with the response, “No!  I was playing with that!”  Do not get me wrong, I know my child is not innocent and may have instigated or retaliated some.  I was not with her the whole time.  In discussing the difference in sharing rules with the other adult, we never decided how to handle it.

I would love to hear what you would do in this situation.

Best Mother’s Day

First, Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

This past Mother’s Day was one of the best I have had in a long time.  I had reminded my girls to please make me a card since they had forgotten last year.  So Deanna, my 6 year old, made me like 20 cards.  She is so stinking cute and so sensitive.  Of course the girls had things that their teachers had them make in school.  I always cherish the homemade gifts.

The ride to Rutgers was great.  My husband and I talked a lot.  I felt like he was finally listening to me.  I was able to express what my short and long term goals are.  I was able to get him on my side finally.  He now admitted that he will be more supportive.  I was so ecstatic.  We all need our spouses to have our backs and encourage us.  I feel relieved that I will have that now.  Some of my prayers have been answered.

I decided I wanted to go to Rutgers University’s plant sale.  I was hoping to purchase some seedlings because I had not started seeds this year. I was bummed to find out that the seeds were nongmo and organic but the soil they were growing in was regular store bought not considered organic.  BUMMER!

Afterwords we headed to a little pizza parlor that we frequent often.  One of the workers is awesome.  We love coming in and talking to him.  We found out that he is starting his own restaurant with another person soon.  I told him to email me after I gave him my business card and a sample.  I am happy to support him if he has food we will eat.

When we got home, we decided to play outside for a little while.   We all took our turns getting a ride on the 4 wheeler.  So far it has brought more family time between Jim and the girls.  I have yet to muster up the courage to drive it myself.  Soon!

I am thankful to God with blessing me with a wonderful day and choosing me to be the Mom of my 4 amazing, little girl.  They are true blessings and gifts from God.  Thank you for Jim having a positive attitude too!

Sunday Game Day Charades

Sunday Game Day

Sunday Game Day/Time

This was the first time that we played the official game Charades. I loved that the game had various sets of cards based on age. There were even picture cards that were perfect for non readers like my 3 year old Samantha. My daughters had so much fun playing this. My husband and I truly enjoyed it too. Sometimes, you just have to take a break and just be with your children.

The girls loved the game so much that they have been asking to play it every day since 🙂

What are some other games you recommend?

Dreams Can Come True

Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future.

Share Your Dreams/Goals:
I have many dreams and goals that I hope to achieve. I am just sharing a few of them today.  I have a dream to go on a mission trip to Haiti to visit the children at Blessing the Children Ministry Orphanage in Croix des Bouquets. I know this dream with happen in a few years when I am no longer breastfeeding.I want to fulfill my purpose. I am still figuring this out and God will lead me. I want to raise strong, compassionate children who care about people and animals. I have a goal to eat better and get in better shape. It will take discipline and work on my part. I tend to care for others and forget about my own self-care.  I have a dream to visit every state in the US and I have many to visit yet. I dream about owning a boat and just cruising on lakes in PA and NJ. I dream about meeting more Vegans in my area. It has started to happen for me. I have a dream to help supplement our income so my husband does not have to work so hard and worry so much. Also, I want to teach my 4 girls, that they can raise a family and make money at the same time if they choose to. Currently, I am working on that through creating a Vegan Beauty Care line and sharing about essential oils.
What are some of your goals/dreams?


Lack of a Sleep Schedule

As a Mom, there are a few areas I struggle with.  I struggle with many things actually.  My two biggest struggles are sleeping schedules and potty training.  Today, I want to focus on sleeping schedule.  I know this is something that I struggled with all my babies at one time or another.  Now, I have 3 girls that sleep very well through the night with very few night wakings.  Their night wakings are: they need to go to the bathroom, had a nightmare, needing some attention so I will lay with them, or they are sick.

Just when I think Briella is on a schedule, she is not.  I know you are not to wake up a sleeping baby, but here we sit at 10:15 AM and Briella is still sleeping.  Granted I did not get her asleep until midnight last night.  She has proven that she can sleep long periods of time straight.   I need to adjust these long stretches to occur earlier in the night.  I am thinking I need to give her a later bath time to set the mood for sleep time.  Today since she slept in so long, I know nap schedule is totally off too.  Normally I would be okay with winging it, but not knowing when I will have alone time with my husband or me time, is not sitting well with me.  Frankly, it is getting old.  I just need to try to get her on a schedule again.  I just need to remember that this too shall pass.

Getting Your Children to Clean Up Their Messes


I do not know about you, but I am always struggling with this.  Perhaps, it was my own fault for cleaning up after them since they were real little.  Maybe I did not teach them how to clean up or perhaps I am not holding them accountable enough.  It appears that daily I need to remind my girls to clean up after they are done playing with their toys.  It seems like they play with a toy and then drop it right where they are when a new toy catches their eye.  I tried to teach them once you are done with a toy then put it back.  Apparently there was a breakdown in communication of this.  Many days I find myself or my husband repeating ourselves to have the girls pick up.  Yet every day it is the same thing over and over.  We ask them to pick up, we get stares of disapproval, we repeat ourselves, they do not move, we raise our voices, etc.  I may just need to do a sweep through their toys again.  Maybe they have too many options and if they cannot care for their toys including putting them away, then perhaps they need to earn them back.  Anyone else frustrated with endless toys appearing in all rooms of your house?

My First Time At MOPS


I moved to my current town over 3 years ago.  At the time, my third daughter was only 2 weeks old.  I was so nervous moving into a new area where I knew no one.  We have no family here and had zero friends in the area at the time.  The couple we purchased the house from had encouraged me to go the Women’s Bible Study and MOPS group.  She explained that it would be a life changer.  I know I hesitated at first.  Once, I got the courage to venture out, I went.  I was really nervous and almost came back in my house during that first MOPs meeting.  I dove right in and yes it was slightly awkward for me not knowing anyone.  Luckily right away, Katie started talking to me and put my mind at ease.  I kept going to MOPS meetings and have met some amazing mothers.  I was lucky enough to make some new friends.  I have been a part of MOPS for over two years.  Currently, I have the privilege of being on the Steering Team with other wonderful Moms and planning our meetings for our Moms who attend.  I am honored to a part of such a wonderful organization.  I look forward to our once a month meetings to connect with other Moms that are going through similar stages with their children.  Let’s face it, it is awesome to have adult conversations!

A Hug Goes A Long Way


There are days that as a Mom, a hug can go a long way.  Sometimes giving a hug to one of my daughters can make all the difference in her attitude.  Perhaps she tripped over something and fell.  Holding Samantha and giving her a big hug sometimes is all she needs to feel better.  When Deanna is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed sometimes a hug will help calm her down and put a smile on her face.  When Jessica, has a lot on her mind and is giving me a slight attitude in the way she is speaking to me, sometimes a hug is enough to relax her.  Then there are those times or days when I need a hug to get through the moment or day.  Often, it is Samantha who will run up to me and hug me telling me she loves me.  Those little hugs, rejuvenate me and help me relax and chill out.  Deanna is one to just give us a hug for no reason too.  Hugs, physical touch is a basic need that people require.  The best part is that hugs are free. I encourage you all to get your Hug On!

The little surprises of motherhood


We really enjoy eating Chinese food and we probably order it several times a month.  Sometimes we go to a Chinese Buffet that has a Hibachi grill.  I love the Hibachi.  We went to this restaurant this past weekend.  Yesterday, Samantha discovered one of the leftover fortune cookies that were in the car.  She was excited for me to open it.  Proudly she held the fortune and says,”Mom, my fortune says Mom, I will love you forever and ever!”  I love my three year old and how blessed am I?

Forgetfulness of a Mom

I have a case of the forgetfulness.  I was so proud of myself this AM.  I quickly got the laundry going.  I put the load from the washer into the dryer and got the next load started in the washing machine.  Over 40 minutes later, I return to realize that I had not turned on the dryer.  Oops!  Now I am slightly behind on my laundry today.

I was whipping around doing different things today at the house.  I get so preoccupied with things that I almost forgot to brush my teeth.  I may need to just slow down and take a deep breath today.  My mind is going in a million directions today.

This afternoon, I am walking back and forth a bunch of times preparing lunch for some of my crew.  I walk into the pantry and stand there for a moment.  I forgot what I was looking for while I was in there.  Luckily, quickly I remembered it was the napkins.  I needed to refill the napkin holder on the kitchen table.

I know people call this all different things.  Some people say it is “Momma Brain.”  Other say, “It is a brain fart.”  Yet others, refer to it as “Momma Fog.”  Anyone else suffering from this on this Marvelous Monday?