Dreams Can Come True

Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future.

Share Your Dreams/Goals:
I have many dreams and goals that I hope to achieve. I am just sharing a few of them today.  I have a dream to go on a mission trip to Haiti to visit the children at Blessing the Children Ministry Orphanage in Croix des Bouquets. I know this dream with happen in a few years when I am no longer breastfeeding.I want to fulfill my purpose. I am still figuring this out and God will lead me. I want to raise strong, compassionate children who care about people and animals. I have a goal to eat better and get in better shape. It will take discipline and work on my part. I tend to care for others and forget about my own self-care.  I have a dream to visit every state in the US and I have many to visit yet. I dream about owning a boat and just cruising on lakes in PA and NJ. I dream about meeting more Vegans in my area. It has started to happen for me. I have a dream to help supplement our income so my husband does not have to work so hard and worry so much. Also, I want to teach my 4 girls, that they can raise a family and make money at the same time if they choose to. Currently, I am working on that through creating a Vegan Beauty Care line and sharing about essential oils.
What are some of your goals/dreams?