Thank You to my Vegan Online Pals


I wanted to say thanks to my online community of Vegans that I have been meeting.  Some of you are now on my personal Facebook page.  These individuals are from all parts of the US and world.  It give me comfort to be a part of the certain groups, and pages on Facebook.  It gives me comfort to hear your stories.  What you are cooking for your family, and what challenges you are facing.  Some people in the groups are just beginning their Vegan lifestyle.  I enjoy everyone’s stories.  If you are looking for support here are some groups to go Vegan Family Meal Planning, Vegan Moms, Raising Little Vegans, Vegan Moms and Dads, How Vegan Children Thrive, Plant-Powered Families, Vegans with Non Vegan Partners, and Instant Pot Users Group- G-Bombs the nuts and bolts of Eating to Live (Dr. Fuhrman’s Current Health Recommendations – be sure to read the description.) Do not be afraid to reach out to those in the group. We are here to support each other.   Peace and much love to you all!