An Answered Prayer


Yesterday morning was not the best start to my day.  We were all tired from getting home late and the Daylight Savings Time.  Somehow we rounded everyone up on time to get to Sunday school and then church service following.  After church, I felt the need to take the girls to the local playground.  It was nice weather and a few other families were there.

Two of the Moms had been chatting. I knew the one Mom, Gina and the other Mom I had not met yet.  Mike, the other Mom’s husband started chatting my husband and I up.  They had moved from Baltimore 4 years ago so he could work at his wife’s uncle’s business.

Finally I went over to Kim to talk to her.  It was strange because I felt drawn to her but did not understand why.  Of course I asked her if she knew about MOPS but she had not heard of it.  I told her how she must come to the next meeting and that you do not have to be a member of our church to be in MOPS.

It was time for us to leave and we said our goodbyes.  We get in our van and drive away.  My husband needed to buy something at the Dollar General so that is where we were headed.  I was regretting not having shared contact information.  My husband and I talk about it and he felt the same way.  We wanted to get together with that kind family we had just met.

We agree that we will drive back to the park to see if they were still there.  Their van identical to ours is still parked in the parking lot.  I gain courage and walk up to them as my husband sits in the van with our girls, explaining how we both felt we should have exchanged numbers and we would love to get together real soon.  They explained they felt the same way.  As I am standing there I notice the pizza their daughter is eating. It looks like Daiya cheese but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.  In our conversation they shared how they were just on a Holistic Cruise.  Now I am jumping up and down inside. Could it be true? Could they be Vegan too? Sure enough it came out that they were Vegan too! Mike told me he wasn’t Vegan all the time.

I told them, “God is so good! I have been praying for a Vegan friend in my area for a long time because I have been feeling lonely! I need someone who understands what it is like to be a Vegan. I am so happy I might cry.  I am so happy that now Jessica has a Vegan friend too. ”

Kim was so excited that she hugged me!  She explained that she had Vegan friends in Baltimore but none here in PA.

Kim and Mike were so excited because their daughter just asked yesterday, “Why don’t I have any Vegan friends?”

Their daughter wanted to come to the van to say hello to her new Vegan friends.  She said, “Hi, I am Vegan!”  so stinking cute.

Kim had been a Vegetarian since 2002, and had switched to Vegan when she got pregnant with her oldest.  Ironically we have been Vegan for a bout the same amount of time.  Unfortunately, I had been an Omni for most of my life.

I cannot say how long I have been praying for a local, Vegan friend but it has been a long time.  Sometimes it is difficult for me living in a predominately meat eating, hunting town.  Though I love this area, it is hard at times.  I do love my Omni friends but they do not really get it.  A few get it more than others.  I am thrilled that I will not be taking the journey alone any longer.  In time, I am thinking God will have us meet some more local Vegans.

Whatever you are praying to God about, I am here to tell you if it is His will, He will grant it to you.  I have seen several of my prayers answered lately.  His timing is impeccable.  Keep the faith!