Lack of a Sleep Schedule

As a Mom, there are a few areas I struggle with.  I struggle with many things actually.  My two biggest struggles are sleeping schedules and potty training.  Today, I want to focus on sleeping schedule.  I know this is something that I struggled with all my babies at one time or another.  Now, I have 3 girls that sleep very well through the night with very few night wakings.  Their night wakings are: they need to go to the bathroom, had a nightmare, needing some attention so I will lay with them, or they are sick.

Just when I think Briella is on a schedule, she is not.  I know you are not to wake up a sleeping baby, but here we sit at 10:15 AM and Briella is still sleeping.  Granted I did not get her asleep until midnight last night.  She has proven that she can sleep long periods of time straight.   I need to adjust these long stretches to occur earlier in the night.  I am thinking I need to give her a later bath time to set the mood for sleep time.  Today since she slept in so long, I know nap schedule is totally off too.  Normally I would be okay with winging it, but not knowing when I will have alone time with my husband or me time, is not sitting well with me.  Frankly, it is getting old.  I just need to try to get her on a schedule again.  I just need to remember that this too shall pass.