Getting Your Children to Clean Up Their Messes


I do not know about you, but I am always struggling with this.  Perhaps, it was my own fault for cleaning up after them since they were real little.  Maybe I did not teach them how to clean up or perhaps I am not holding them accountable enough.  It appears that daily I need to remind my girls to clean up after they are done playing with their toys.  It seems like they play with a toy and then drop it right where they are when a new toy catches their eye.  I tried to teach them once you are done with a toy then put it back.  Apparently there was a breakdown in communication of this.  Many days I find myself or my husband repeating ourselves to have the girls pick up.  Yet every day it is the same thing over and over.  We ask them to pick up, we get stares of disapproval, we repeat ourselves, they do not move, we raise our voices, etc.  I may just need to do a sweep through their toys again.  Maybe they have too many options and if they cannot care for their toys including putting them away, then perhaps they need to earn them back.  Anyone else frustrated with endless toys appearing in all rooms of your house?