My First Time At MOPS


I moved to my current town over 3 years ago.  At the time, my third daughter was only 2 weeks old.  I was so nervous moving into a new area where I knew no one.  We have no family here and had zero friends in the area at the time.  The couple we purchased the house from had encouraged me to go the Women’s Bible Study and MOPS group.  She explained that it would be a life changer.  I know I hesitated at first.  Once, I got the courage to venture out, I went.  I was really nervous and almost came back in my house during that first MOPs meeting.  I dove right in and yes it was slightly awkward for me not knowing anyone.  Luckily right away, Katie started talking to me and put my mind at ease.  I kept going to MOPS meetings and have met some amazing mothers.  I was lucky enough to make some new friends.  I have been a part of MOPS for over two years.  Currently, I have the privilege of being on the Steering Team with other wonderful Moms and planning our meetings for our Moms who attend.  I am honored to a part of such a wonderful organization.  I look forward to our once a month meetings to connect with other Moms that are going through similar stages with their children.  Let’s face it, it is awesome to have adult conversations!