Being a Member in Bible Study


Growing up I did not know about Bible Study Groups.  It was not something that was happening in our church.  At least, I do not think it was happening.  It was not until I was in my thirties that I began to see that these small groups existed.  I have been is several small groups in the last two cities I lived in.  I love being in a bible study among other believers.  I enjoy hearing others stories and soaking in their wisdom.  Sometimes, there can be as many as 30- 40 women coming together.  On Tuesdays, I do my very best to get myself and Briella to Bible Study.  Usually I only miss if one of us are sick.  When I do not go to the study, I do not feel the same, I do not have as much patience, or strength.  I look forward to those 2 hours of learning with women of all different ages.  It is amazing coming together.  We have studies various studies and topics.  Currently, we are doing an Andy Stanley Series and several women are leading it.  I know that I feel refreshed, rejuvenated when I leave Bible Study.  I feel more adept to take on the Earthly World.   I encourage others to join small groups and get connected with others – it will energize your mind, body, and soul.