A Hug Goes A Long Way


There are days that as a Mom, a hug can go a long way.  Sometimes giving a hug to one of my daughters can make all the difference in her attitude.  Perhaps she tripped over something and fell.  Holding Samantha and giving her a big hug sometimes is all she needs to feel better.  When Deanna is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed sometimes a hug will help calm her down and put a smile on her face.  When Jessica, has a lot on her mind and is giving me a slight attitude in the way she is speaking to me, sometimes a hug is enough to relax her.  Then there are those times or days when I need a hug to get through the moment or day.  Often, it is Samantha who will run up to me and hug me telling me she loves me.  Those little hugs, rejuvenate me and help me relax and chill out.  Deanna is one to just give us a hug for no reason too.  Hugs, physical touch is a basic need that people require.  The best part is that hugs are free. I encourage you all to get your Hug On!