Having Faith for Others During Their Time of Need

god is faithful

I have several friends whose family members are going through medical, tough times.  My one friend’s Dad has been in the hospital for months and not much has changed.  Many people have been praying for her Dad and the family.  Hard decisions have had to be made in the past few days.  I am having faith in God that those making the decisions will be guided by the Holy Spirit to do what is right.  I am still praying for a full recovery and have faith that God can make that happen.  It is difficult to wait it out and see my friend hurting.  I cry for this family.  Times like these are not easy.  I will continue to have faith that God is working on this situation.

Another friend is in another state helping her Grandma.  She is by her side as she is in pain and close to the end of her life.  As she asked us to pray that her Grandma would accept pain medication to make it easier.  I cried for them too.  I know how sad I was when I lost my two Grandmas.  I still think about how my one would say, “Sarah, I love you very, very, very much,” before she would hang up the phone.  Often, she made me hand up first because she did not want to be the one to hang up.  It is never easy when a loved one is at the end of this life.  Though we will see them in Heaven it still pains us to not see them on Earth anymore.  Praying for these families today.