God is Faithful

My oldest daughter was born June 24, 2007.  I was so elated by the birth of my first child.  I longed to stay home with her.  At the time, my husband wanted to start our business selling online.  I had to go back to work so we could pay the bills and have health insurance.  I was working at Northeast Middle School at the time.  My husband and step-dad had fixed up our house and finished a month before Jessica arrived.  When Jessica was 2 months old, I returned to work.  With traffic on some days, it would take up to 1 1/2 to get to work.  I was devastated to be returning to work and leaving my baby.  I cried every day on my way to work.  As a breastfeeding mother, it was a challenge.  I had to pump 3 time during my day: as soon as I arrived, lunch time, and towards the end of the day.  I remember that I would arrive home and my husband would slip Jessica into my arms.  He would go to the basement to work on our business and report how she had cried a lot.  Oh the guilt I would feel when he told me these things.  When a mother has to be away from her child the last thing she wants to hear is how that child is struggling.  Every day leading up to me returning to work, and every day I went to work I prayed to God to help me find a way to stay home with the baby.  I cried and pleaded.  I was really not happy and a little miserable at times because my heart ached to be home with Jessica.  God works in mysterious ways.  One day on my commute to work, I was stopped at a stop light.  A tow truck driver was coming behind me.  I believe he was on his phone and did not realize I was stopped and hit me.  I did not see this coming and my glasses flew off my face and I hit the windshield.  I had gotten pretty bad whiplash and my neck and back were extremely sore.  From that day I stayed home to recover and went to physical therapy for my injuries.  At times, it was difficult to breastfeed my daughter because it was uncomfortable to bend my neck certain ways.  While I was recovering, I continued to pray that God would help me to continue to stay home.  God led me to finding a contact and a number that I needed to help boost our business.  I made the call and it led to me being able to make the decision to not return to my job as a special education learning support teacher.  For the next 2 1/2 years I raised our daughter while working with my husband on our online business.  When my daughter had accidentally fell into a metal shelf causing her to need stitches, I then realized it was time for my husband to take over the daily operations of the business.  At the time, I was towards the end of my pregnancy with my second daughter, Deanna.  I am still involved in the business:  I am in charge of paying the bills and the accounting.

Through consistent prayer to the Lord, he answered my prayer.  I had no idea that a car accident would be his solution.  I have learned that being specific in prayer helped too.  “Dear God please help me to be able to stay home to raise my daughter.”  I learned that you need to be patient while God is working on answers to your prayers.  The timeline for everyone may be different.  For me, it took probably close to 4 months of praying.  I try to remember that God’s timing is the best.  I thank God every day for the doors he opens and the other doors he closes.  Being able to stay home with my girls, is the best decision I ever made.  I have no regrets about not working as a teacher.  People ask me if I would ever go back and my answer is, “No, I let me certificate lapse. ”  In all honesty, once you own your own business, it would be extremely difficult to go work for someone else.  At times it is difficult to be at home with my girls, but I would never change that for anything!