Forgetfulness of a Mom

I have a case of the forgetfulness.  I was so proud of myself this AM.  I quickly got the laundry going.  I put the load from the washer into the dryer and got the next load started in the washing machine.  Over 40 minutes later, I return to realize that I had not turned on the dryer.  Oops!  Now I am slightly behind on my laundry today.

I was whipping around doing different things today at the house.  I get so preoccupied with things that I almost forgot to brush my teeth.  I may need to just slow down and take a deep breath today.  My mind is going in a million directions today.

This afternoon, I am walking back and forth a bunch of times preparing lunch for some of my crew.  I walk into the pantry and stand there for a moment.  I forgot what I was looking for while I was in there.  Luckily, quickly I remembered it was the napkins.  I needed to refill the napkin holder on the kitchen table.

I know people call this all different things.  Some people say it is “Momma Brain.”  Other say, “It is a brain fart.”  Yet others, refer to it as “Momma Fog.”  Anyone else suffering from this on this Marvelous Monday?