Holy Snow


Well I cannot complain since today is the first real snow of the winter.  Here in Pennsylvania, it is still snowing like crazy.  Unfortunately, the hubs forgot to get gas for the snow blower. Off he went onto the rough roads.  Thanking God he has a truck with a plow and made it back safely.

The 3 girls went out to play.  I wondered how long they would last.  The 3 year old made it for only 5 minutes.  It took longer to get her dressed. 🙂  The other two are still going strong.  I predict they will want some hot chocolate when they get in.

I thank God for a warm house today.  I thank God for being able to afford pellets for the pellet stove and propane for heat.  I thank God for warm clothes on this frigid day.  Lord please keep those on the street and those less fortunate warm today!  Have a blessed day everyone!