When You Need to Breathe

Sometimes things just get overwhelming.  There are times when several people and items are calling your attention.  Today I was dealing with a crying baby who was tired and needed to be nursed to sleep.  Simultaneously, my husband calls me to write out a check as I am trying to get the baby asleep.  Within a minute, the dog pukes and husband tells me as he rushes out the door.  Two minutes later, my 3 year old comes in to tell me the dog puked.  On my computer screen I had posts I was working on for scheduling a Clean Green Essential Oils Class on Facebook.  My laundry is sitting in the laundry room waiting to be folded.  I just remembered that I need to pay the credit card off.  I needed to send a quick email to my supplier to see when they are starting my samples for my product.  Then I remembered I had to send an email to my oldest daughter’s teacher because a boy was cursing in class yesterday when the substitute was in.  Did I mention that I had not even started lunch and it was lunchtime already.  I am just grateful that I took the time to read a passage from the Bible this morning.  I had so many things going on today, that I had to take a pause and a deep breathe.  I had to prioritize everything and finish through all my tasks at hand.  I will not stress if the laundry sits one more day! I am off to run to the bank, pay the credit card bill, and play with my 3 year old.  Have a blessed day everyone!