Misconceptions about what I eat as a Vegan

vegan food pyramid 2

There seems to be some misconception about what I eat as a Vegan.  Some people believe I just eat Raw.  Currently for me, this is not the case.  I enjoy cooked food very much.  I especially crave mashed potatoes sometimes.  Yes, I can still eat them by substituting a vegan butter and plant based milk of my choice.  The Irish in me, loves potatoes!  I eat lots of vegetables and yes I enjoy salads.  However, salads are not the only thing I eat. My favorite vegetable is broccoli and I love it steamed in my Instant Pot.   Fruit smoothies are a favorite drink of mine during the warmer months.  My drink of choice is water.  I try to drink at least 8 glasses a day.  I eat various nuts, grains, and seeds.  Almonds are my favorite nut at the moment.  I love sunflower seeds in my salads.  Chia seeds I use often in my smoothies.  Being 1/4 Italian, I eat pasta.  I need to eat it once a week or I do not feel right.  Brown rice and steamed vegetables with an Asian sauce is a staple.  I love hummus and my favorite one is Wegmans Red Pepper Hummus.  I use it to make quesadillas, paninis, and wraps.  Vegetable patties homemade or store bought, spinach lasagna, lentil tacos, tempeh sloppy joes, coconut “bacon”, can be found on my plate.  Bagels, french toast, Belgium waffles, pancakes, and Vegan Eggs by Follow My Heart are eaten for breakfast.  Sometimes, I will use Veganaise to make a tomato and lettuce sandwich on toast store bought or made in my bread machine.  Sometimes, I will eat a pizza loaded with veggies.  Of course, I eat fruit too, but I am more of a vegetable kind of girl.  Watermelon, green apples, and strawberries being my favorite fruits.  Brownies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and ice cream are enjoyed by my family.  Barbecue chips though not a good choice is my weakness.These are some of the items that I enjoy eating.