Motherhood is not for the weak


The other day a friend of mine and I were discussing some of the challenges we have with raising our children, our girls.  My friend explained how her Mom had told her that “motherhood is not for the weak!”  Boy is she correct.  From the first child you have, you see what it is like to love someone so much that you would do anything to protect them.  Having the huge responsibility to care for a child since birth can be taxing.  You think about, worry about, pray for your children until the day you die.  You do your absolute best to help guide them down the correct path.  When they make choices you do not agree with, you have to sit back and be strong.  At a certain time, you can no longer control them.  The consequences of their actions, fall upon themselves.  This is not an easy task, only the strong can sit back and know God has go the situation under control.

Moms  go through heart aches with their children: their first falls, first set of stitches, first friend fights, the first disappointment when they realize they are not perfect and that we are not perfect, first breakups, first time moving away, first time losing a job, a child, etc.  This is not for the weak.  Moms stand by their girls’ sides through their rolling eyes, mouthiness, screaming, hitting, kicking, meltdowns, tears, hormones etc.  Often, it is not easy to respond and have a tough skin through these times.  We may make mistakes but us strong Moms, we apologize to our children.  We try to model what a strong Mom is in all aspects of our lives.  For each woman, it may look a little different.  We are Moms; we stand strong for our children!