Encouraging Relationships

Often, as a Mom you have to referee relationships in your home.  There are many different personalities that live in my household.  Often these personalities clash.  Sometimes I fail as the peacemaker because I may be struggling keeping the peace because I am fed up with a child’s behavior.  I am human and make mistakes.  Luckily, I have the courage to go to my child and apologize if I was out of line.  It is so important that our children realize we are not perfect and that we do not expect them to be perfect either.  God does not expect us to be perfect.  He knows we try our best to be like Jesus but we will always fall short one way or the other.  We are sinners and He knows it.  God gives us grace and we are to give grace to others.  I try to give grace and teach my children what it looks like to receive and give grace.


I had to remind my loving husband that he is an extremely important part of our girls’ lives.  A father’s acceptance and love is vital to a girl.  I know because it is something I struggled with growing up.  Now I know I only need to rely on my heavenly father’s love always.  In reminded Jim how much he is loved, we planned a father daughter date for him with Deanna.  She needed the experience the most.  It is not the first time he has done dates with the girls.  We just need to schedule these more often.  It is important to me that they see they are loved, respected, and accepted by their Earthly father too.  I want our girls’ to be comfortable talking to their Dad about anything.  Fostering a close relationship now will pay off during the more challenging years to come like middle school.  It is nice for a child to be able to get the perspective of the opposite sex.  That is something I cannot offer them.  Jim’s relationship with the each girl is different than my relationship with each girl.  That is perfectly fine because it is supposed to be that way.  These father daughter dates are a great opportunity to teach them what to expect from a guy.  He can teach them about holding the door for them, pulling their chair out, paying for the date, and asking them questions too not just focusing on himself.  It is important that he teaches them to expect respect from guys so that they will receive it.  They need to feel worthy and self confident.  I will continue to encourage that he have dates with each of our girls each by themselves.  No one shall be left behind or lost in the pack!