Tree Change Dolls

Months ago, I came across the Tree Change Dolls.  I love the idea of making dolls look more natural!  Anyone that truly knows me, knows I have issues with how doll companies sexualize little girl dolls.  If I am being honest some of the dolls faces, are downright scary looking.  The toy companies put so much paint on to look like makeup that the dolls look like they are ready for Halloween.  I do not know real women who wear that much makeup on their faces in real life.  I was beyond thrilled when I stumbled onto the Tree Change Dolls.  I think I might have seen them on Facebook first.  I know that dolls play a special part in my daughters’ lives.  They love playing with them.  The fact there is a way to make them look more like my children – SCORE!  Sonia, the founder of Tree Change Dolls, removes the dolls paint and starts over. She paints new faces on the dolls.  Sonia strives to make each doll special, unique.  You will not find two of her dolls that look exactly alike.  Then Sonia’s Mom knits clothes for the dolls.  Sonia does sell the dolls on Etsy here.

Now if you are feeling adventurous, you can repaint your own dolls.  This is an adventure that my oldest and myself will be embarking on soon.  When I showed Jessica the Tree Change Dolls, she fell in love with the idea.  We have not worked out all the kinks yet especially the doll clothes because a knitter I am not.  We will figure it out.  We watched Sonia’s youtube video to help us get started.  Once we have completed our first one, I will update with pictures.

Who is ready to change their child’s dolls?