Noticing the Goodness in Infant/Baby Stage

At our MOPS meeting today, the steering team had a panel with each Mom talking about the goodness of the stage.  There was infant/baby stage, toddler stage, elementary stage, middle school, and high school.  Since I am the only Mom on the steering team that currently has a baby, I represented that stage.  I do not do well just talking from the cuff in front of a crowd, so I prepared a poem.  Please know that there are still times in my humanness that I do get frustrated and forget these things.


From the very first cry,
I thanked God for you.
The scary meconium poops,
I thanked God for coconut oil.
During the midnight wakings,
I thank God for one-on-one quality time.
The hours it takes to get you back to sleep,
I thank God I have a baby to get to sleep.
The power of your smile and laugh,
I thank God for your love.
The joy of watching you bring smiles to others,
I thank God for your pure heart.
When you scream as I am making dinner because you want me to hold you,
I thank God to make me take the time to enjoy you because dinner can wait.
When I see how your sisters adore you,
I thank God for blessing you with sisters.
While I watch you observing the world and taking it all in,
I thank God for allowing me to see the world differently along with you.
When I have changed your diaper or outfit for the tenth time,
I thank God for the ability to have diapers and clothes for you.
When I watch Daddy hold you on his knee listening to music with you,
I thank God for a husband who loves his children.
When I see you turning your head to see me,
I thank God for the bond we share.
While I watch you peacefully sleep,
I thank God for sweet baby dreams.
While you kick in your bath,
I thank God for your strength.
Witnessing all your firsts,
I thank God for allowing me these experiences as a SAHM.
As you learn to talk my dear,
I thank God for helping your voice be heard.
As you learn to walk,
I thank God for soft carpet & hard heads.
As you grow more independent,
I thank God for entrusting me with your life.