1 Peter 2:2


As Christians we are “born again” (1 Peter 1:23) as a spiritual baby.    We come to God humbly like a baby.  A newborn baby must drink milk to survive.  As a spiritual baby, we must get our nourishment from the Word of God (Bible).  A Christian cannot grow without studying the Word of God.  We should have a desire to study his Word for ourselves.  At salvation, all believers experience how gracious the Lord is to those who trust Him.

This verse is a reminder that I need to make time every day to be in the Word, to read the Bible.  I have to be intentional about the way I schedule my time and what I am doing with my time.  I know the importance of reading His word and feeling his peace.  May we as followers strive to read the word of God daily.  This may look differently and be at a different times for each person based on their circumstances.  If Jesus Christ gave his life for me, then I will and can make time for Him.